There’s nothing like the smell, feel and look of an old, traditionally bound book. We aim to make sure these works of art and history do not fade into the sunset.

In our fully equipped bindery, we preserve the splendour of the handcrafted book using time-honoured techniques. We specialise in making antique books young again through expert restoration and/or rebinding, and turning new/modern books into elegant old-world treasures.

We work with libraries, publishers, galleries, universities and private customers looking to transform or rejuvenate cherished and favourite books. We’ve turned Bibles, reference books and magazines into exquisite and enduring tomes, and celebrity biographies, scrapbooks, photo albums, memoirs and the Harry Potter books into beautiful, unique keepsakes.

And when we’ve finished working on your book, it’s no longer just a book. It’s a piece of history.

We offer the following services:

Restoration of leather and cloth-bound books
Leather binding including the use of calfskin and goatskin
Hardback library-style cloth bindings including the binding of magazines
Memorial books made to order
Slipcases and boxes made to order

Visit our gallery to see examples of what we do, including our work on the signed autobiography of the late, great Nelson Mandela for a private London gallery.

For more information, please visit our services page or call us on 07789 432437.